Intimate boudoir portrait session {Cicero, NY photographer}

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of photographing this amazing woman who wanted an intimate boudoir photo session.  She wanted to capture who she is right now, and then share the images with her husband.  For quite a while, I have wanted to turn off the studio lights and just use the natural light coming in through the windows.  Thankfully, she was willing to indulge me. 🙂 The goal was to feature her beautiful curves with just a hint of light along the edges of her body.  Both of us are thrilled with the results!

Cicero, NY intimate boudoir photographer

Rim Lit Natural Light Intimate Boudoir

Intimate portrait in black and white

If you’d like to schedule your own “dark” intimate portrait session, please contact me for a no obligation consultation by clicking the “book a session” link below.

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High School Senior Yearbook Photo {Cicero, NY}

I can’t believe that my cousin’s daughter, Taylor, is a high school senior this year!  Seems like it was just yesterday when she was heading off to kindergarten, full of smiles and enthusiasm.  So when her mom called to see if I’d be interested in taking her daughter’s senior yearbook photo, I was so happy to be able to help.

Senior Girl Yearbook Portrait

This lovely young lady still has that same kind heart and finds excitement in nearly all that she does. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for her.

Cicero, NY High School Photos

Cicero NY portrait booking  Facebook Fan page for Photos by Kim Hill  View portraits by Syracuse photographer, Kim Hill  Photos by Kim Hill on Twitter

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Before and After Boudoir Photo Session {Cicero, NY photographer}

Boudoir photo session before and afterWill you bring your A-game to your boudoir photo session?

Miss A. answered my curvy gals model call and she certainly brought her A-game to the boudoir photo session (see what I did there?! A-game, Miss A. – get it?!).  My fabulously talented make-up artist, Michelle Maw, was here to pamper her prior to the photo session.  She gave her a beautiful look, accentuating Miss A’s beautiful eyes.

Normally I do not share “before and after” images, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I wanted to show you how beautiful and natural looking the makeup and hair styling was, and how a simple wardrobe can be utilized to create a WOW feeling in the resulting photos.  In the photo above is a phone selfie that Miss A. sent to me, and the va-va-voom image on the right is what I captured at her session.  I think you’ll agree that the dramatic lighting combined with a sultry expression has made quite the statement!

Here are a couple more photos from her boudoir photo session:Boudoir photo session black sweater with red pantiesCicero boudoir photo

Are you ready to bring your A-game?  Contact me to schedule a no obligation consultation and we can chat about what you envision for your boudoir photo session.

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Breast Cancer Battle Session {Syracuse Photographer}

After being recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Peg stumbled upon the Shoots for a Cure website and contacted me to set up a private photo session for herself and her brother. We met a few days later and had a long, heartfelt chat about her recent breast cancer diagnosis, what led her to doing this photo session and who would be in the photos with her.  I’ve never met someone so strong and brave….she’s truly an amazing woman.  Motorcycle chick

Here is Peg’s story, in her very own words: “December 2015 started out pretty good for this region of Central NY we were unseasonably warm and the weather on days was even still in the temperature zones most die-hard motorcycle riders were loving because that meant they had not yet salted the roads. Each extra bonus day like that after October 1st means one more rip before it’s time to put up the scoot for the season. Christmas quickly approached and was over in a flash as we were coming into the home stretch of the year. As I climbed into bed on the 27th, I rolled over to comfort my body so that my mind could begin its wind down process for the night when I felt this strange twinge of pain. As I reached up to examine the area it was like this wild flash back to when I had been shown how to perform self breast exams. They used a model breast with a nodule in it so we would have an understanding what to look for. I laid in bed for the next couple of hours thinking what I had felt really could not be a tumor, but I knew I would not be content until I knew for sure it was nothing of concern.

The next morning I contacted my doctor’s office and they sent me over to have a mammography. Before I left the facility, the radiologist came in to talk with me. He said that the item found on the imagery was of a questionable nature and that he would contact my doctor to have arrangements made for me to have a biopsy in a couple of days. I had the biopsy on the 30th which meant that with it being just before New Year’s I would have a few additional days above the norm to await the results of the pathology. Monday the 4th of January I returned to work after having been off for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. All morning I tried to stay focused on what I had on my desk to review, but I kept anticipating the call that was to come. A little after 9am my phone rang, I answered to hear the voice of my doctor not that of the nurse who usually called with testing results. As I walked into the hallway of the offices she filled me in that the biopsy had shown the growth was a malignancy, I had Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I felt the tears coming down my face as my body slid down the wall to the floor. All I could think of was my brother, I could not leave him he needed me. For me to get sick would be so hard for us to handle as he is already challenged by his own health issues, and the elements related to such. I had too may things to take care of and my life had taken a recent turn for the exceptional good, how could this all be happening now.


This is not the first time I have been faced with medical challenges in my life. I have been dealing with them since I was a child. Over the years I learned to live with the effects of having been born with Spina Bifida. During my young adult years, I had multiple hospitalizations for kidney issues that required surgical interventions. As I got older, more related conditions emerged that consequently forced me to learn to live with daily physical pain that is sometimes hard to control with medications, tiredness and various episodes of incapacitating headaches and sickness. Deep down I really did not want to believe that I am now facing something new and radically different from all that I have already endured. After the adjustment to the news finally went through its stages, I sat down and said to myself that I have to put on my big-girl panties. I need to get myself together so I can get ready to fight this good fight. The battle plan was made after surgery which included chemo, radiation and a five year medication to give me my best chance of survival with minimal percentage of recurrence. As a 20+ year motorcycle mamma, I know I have it in me to face this and beat it. But in this fight I am not alone…I will have all the love and support of my family, my many friends, along with all my brothers and sisters of other misters that have been in my life for many years. My focus is to do what it takes so that I can beat this and, in the end, come out with all the Sass and Class that I had before this battle began. But after having another pallet of life experience loaded onto the Semi of Challenges that I have been bench pressing for years, I will be that much stronger.”

breast cancer photo session

“Again, I Thank You so much Kim for your kindness during this life event. This was truly beyond an ‘awesome’ experience that I hope will continue for folks that are faced with such a horrible disease and that some day a cure can be found.”

For more information about the non-profit charitable organization, Shoots for a Cure, or to find a SFAC photographer near you, please visit their website at

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Valentine’s Boudoir Special {Seductively You, Cicero NY}

Give him the gift he really wants – YOU!  This year, I’m pleased to offer a Valentine’s boudoir special! For a limited time, you may book a one hour session using our black damask bedroom set. You will receive professional posing assistance and coaching for expression. Afterward, you will be able to choose one high resolution digital image which will be fully retouched before delivering to you by email. Other products will be available for purchase at a 10% discount, but are not guaranteed for delivery by Valentine’s Day.
Valentine-Boudoir-Special_2016_SeductivelyYouMessage me when you are ready to schedule your boudoir photo session by clicking the “book a session” button below and we’ll set up a brief consult appointment.  At that consult, we will determine your session date and time, you’ll sign a contract and full payment will be due.  This special is only valid through February 5, 2016.

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Curvy Gals Model Call {Boudoir Portraits, Syracuse NY}

Curvy Gals Model CallI’m looking to expand my portfolio to include more curvy gals. For a $100 session fee you will receive:

– 60 minutes portrait session
– Professional makeup application
– One outfit, one set
– Professional coaching and posing
– Minimum of 10 images for viewing and ordering
– $100 credit towards product purchase

A signed model release is required as the images will be used for future advertising and marketing purposes, as well as appearing on the Seductively You blog and website. “Before” and “after” images that show your face (these can be modest) as well as anonymous images showing your body are required. Products are available a la carte and are not included in the $100 session fee. A product price guide will be sent to you before booking.

This model call expires December 10, 2015 and is valid for new clients only. Sessions must be held no later than January 10, 2016.  Please email me directly if you are interested.

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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Pregnancy Portrait Session {Cicero, NY Photographer}

Pregnancy PhotoI love photographing pregnant women. Seriously, it is such a special time in their lives and to be able to share in their pregnancy, even if only for a few hours, means a lot to me. Over the years, I’ve found that for many women, this is their first formal portrait since they were married and, for some, they hadn’t been to a photo studio since their high school senior portrait session.  So I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the top tips I have for a successful maternity portrait session.

1. Moisturize your entire body every single day. As your body changes and blossoms, your skin will need a little extra help to stretch gently. By moisturizing frequently, you will have a better chance at having minimal stretchmarks. Be sure to get every part of your body – elbows and knees too!  My favorite moisturizer is shea body butter.

2. Drink plenty of water throughout your pregnancy. Water helps the skin even more than moisturizing. But when you do both on a daily basis, your skin will have a flawless, more radiant glow.

3. Schedule your portrait session for when you will be about 34-36 weeks pregnant. By this time, you will have a beautifully shaped tummy, but not be too tired out.Floral maternity picture

4. Pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure the day before your session. By the time you come in to the studio for your photo shoot, you may be too big to easily manage painting your own toes. So take a break and let someone else do this for you. It may be one of the last times you get an uninterrupted hour to yourself once the baby arrives.

5. On the day of your session, come in wearing as little undergarments as you feel comfortable. This will help keep your skin from getting indentations from straps and such which can take a while to naturally fade away. I usually suggest coming in a loose maxi dress or even a wrap dress, no bra and commando. Be brave…you only live once!

6. Your clothing choices should reflect your personality, but also bring some simpler items too. My best suggestions for what to bring along include: 2 solid color bra & panty sets (one black and one white are good), a patterned or colored bra and coordinating panty, a dress that shows your personality, button down or zipper jeans (not maternity ones) and a button down blouse.

Fine art nude maternity

7. Bring dad with you. Yes, you will be the star of the show, but dad is just as important and you’ll thank me later for urging you to convince him to come along.

8. Dad’s clothing choices are important too and should also reflect his personality.  I usually recommend a couple of different solid color shirts – button down and pull-over are great, two pairs of pants – one dressy and one casual.  Be sure his outfits compliment yours.

9. I encourage you to bring some props!  Your pregnancy sonogram, baby shoes and any other special momentos will add your own special flair to your pregnancy photos.

10. Hair and makeup are significant as well.  You can book with our preferred stylists who will pamper you here at the studio right before your session, or you can book with your own stylist, or you can do your own.  Whatever works for you, works for me.

Message me when you are ready to book your own pregnancy portrait session by clicking the “book a session” button below and we’ll set up a consult time so that we can discuss your ideas for your own pregnancy pictures.

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Heels, glorious heels {Boudoir Photos, Syracuse NY}

While a lot of emphases is often placed on your lingerie choices for your boudoir photos, please don’t overlook the power of a great pair of shoes.


Here are some of my top reasons for choosing to wear high heels for your photo session:

1. High heels make you taller and along with that comes confidence. They can make you look and feel more assertive. Confident, assertive women are sexy.

2. Heels make your legs look amazing. When wearing heels, your calf muscles look more toned and your posture changes.

3. Heels draw attention from both men and women. Sure, you can wear the basic black stiletto and it will look terrific, but why not choose a shoe with the personality to match your own? Other women may ask you where you got them while men will simply think you look stylish.

4. My favorite reason for wearing heels is that they make you look thinner. Maybe it’s just the extra height, or the fact that you stand a bit taller in your posture while wearing heels….but whatever the reason, it works with any outfit and will give you a completely polished look.


The shoes featured here are from Bordello Burlesque and can be purchased wholesale at Pleasure USA or retail at Sinister Soles. Once you have your outfit and shoe ideas ready, click the “Book a Session” button below and let’s get together to chat.  Have a great week!

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Featured Vendor: L’Ecole Nuit Boudoir Lingerie

I’m thrilled to announce that I have partnered with the lingerie shop, L’ecole Nuit.  The owner, Kristine Isberg, has graciously offered an exclusive 15% discount promotion for all of my clients.  Simply create an account, add some sexy items to your cart and then apply the special code SEDUCTIVELYYOU at checkout.  The lingerie styles she offers range from daringly bold to fashionably alluring and everything in between. You’re sure to find something you’ll love!  I especially like the Bordelle line….look at all those straps!
L'ecole Nuit discount Once you receive your goodies, be sure to let me know what you think. And, of course, contact me to set up your boudoir photo session.  You’ll thank me later!  *wink, wink*

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Maternity Portraits, Syracuse NY {Cicero Boudoir}

This beautiful momma you may recognize from my Seductively You website as I did her boudoir photo session too!  We opted to do a couple of different styled maternity portraits: one light and airy while the other one dark and more mysterious.  Michelle Maw was here to do the beautifully natural looking make-up.

I have this gorgeous white maternity gown that I’ve wanted to use for a very long time. We added the daisy headpiece that I made just a few days prior to the session to give it a bit of a bohemian feeling.  So romantic and dreamy!

High Key Maternity


Pregnancy Sonogram PhotoFor the darker maternity photos, she wore a simple black dress, but we also took the dress off to reveal her tummy for a dramatic silhouette.

Red Head Maternity Photo

Maternity Photo

I’m pleased to say that the baby arrived on time and he’s a real cutie patootie!

Are you due to have a baby soon?  I’d love to meet with you and then capture this fleeting moment in your life.  Click the “Book a Session” button below and let’s get together to chat.  Have a great week!

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