Festive 4th {Cicero, NY portrait photographer}

Piggy-backing onto the fishing post is another from our wknd at the lake cottage.  We enjoyed fireworks put on by my sister and her husband.  I think my BIL has a bit of an addiction to them, quite frankly.  But we all enjoyed it just the same.  Not only did he buy all the firecrackers, but he also built a gizmo to launch them more efficiently (and safely).  It was pretty simple in design, but oh so clever.  Kept MOST of the fireworks from falling onto the boathouse.  Phew! 

The kids had a great time twirling the extra long sparklers while we waited for the sun to set.  A neighbor brought all the fixings for s'mores so we enjoyed those too while waiting.  There were a few "test" shots fired off which got the kiddos even more excited for the actual show.  Unfortunately, my camera was having trouble focusing once the fireworks started going off.  I think it was all the smoke.  But I did get a few.  🙂

I think the kids' favorites were the bottle rockets and the ones they could hold which shot out 10 small blasts.  Darn…can't remember what those are called, but you can see my oldest is firing one over the lake on the left a few rows up from the bottom.  🙂

Hope you and yours had a festive 4th.

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I’m passionate about my work and helping women feel comfortable in front of my lens. I want women to feel confident and sexy regardless of age or size. All women are beautiful and I'm here to help them see the beauty in themselves and the boudoir photographic experience is one step in that direction. I am dedicated to bringing a high-quality experience to the boudoir portrait session. My goal is to offer a fun yet relaxing environment where a woman can let down her guard, allowing that inner sparkle to shine. I’ve been a photographer for more than 25 years now. I started as a young child with my parents' 110 film camera, moved on to study photography in college, interned with a wedding photographer for a couple of years and then struck out on my own. I've been doing general portraits since 1998 and boudoir work since 2009. In addition to boudoir, I also offer high school senior portraits, fashion inspired sessions, and business executive head shots.
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7 Responses to Festive 4th {Cicero, NY portrait photographer}

  1. Jenn says:

    That looks like fun! I love how you captured all the details from the evening.

  2. Stacey S says:

    What a fab 4th montage! LOL I do think your BIL is a little bit into the whole fireworks scene – I can see the look of glee in his eyes! 🙂

  3. AmandaB says:

    i bet those were fun to watch!

  4. Deanna says:

    WOW that is very impressive!!

  5. Kelly Q says:

    How fun! I’m so jealous that you are able to light off your own fireworks! It has been a long time since that was legal here. =(

  6. Beth says:

    wow! looks like it was an great show!

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